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Apiona Advantage
Customer approved quality.
The "Sample" Dilemma:
Every vendor wants to give the best presentation when there is a potential sale. Samples are always hand-picked to ensure the highest quality to lead to a successful sale. However, how does an Apiona Golf customer know that the production quality will be the same as that of the samples?
  1. Customer chooses desired items to sample
  2. Per customer's request, logos can be applied onto samples
  3. Apiona Golf fine-tunes production line(s), manufactures, and delivers samples
  4. Customer evaluates sample quality up close
  5. Mass production is commenced, on the same production line(s) as previously tuned
At Apiona Golf, we strive for superior performance and quality, from dimple patterns designs, compression, to logo printing; each production process is followed through with stringent QA tests and long periods of rigorous field-testing. By following the above procedures, customers can ensure that quality is the same as what we have given for the customers.

No Hidden Costs, lowest cost of ownership.
The lowest price does not equate to lowest cost! Many Apiona converted customers learned valuable lessons, due to the printing and coating dropped within 1 week, they had to spend countless hours and money on the phone trying to console their customers and chasing after their former supplier(s).

Satisfaction, guaranteed.
At Apiona Golf, our number one goal is customer satisfaction. Our diverse staff works as a team to make that possible. Whether it's walking you through an product/service inquiry or affiliation setup, or discussing about warranties issues, we'll do what it takes to keep you happy. In addition, every new client is assigned a personal account representative who will familiarize themselves with you and your business, and assist you throughout and after the entire process of purchase.

Different people, different offers.

Apiona Golf offers various services & products to fit customer’s needs. We treat customers differently since each customer has different situation and culture. Over the last ten years, Apiona Golf has built trusts amongst the partners and customers and continue to building up the long-term business cooperation.

Apiona Golf products are provided with superior quality, and post-sale warranties. Some examples include:
  • Range Balls: 12 months breakage warranty, 3 months appearance (coating and printing) and durability warranty. Apiona range balls can normally withstand over 6 months of active playing.
  • Tournament Balls: Replacement on any packaging damage and golf ball appearance defects.
In the event of an unsatisfied quality that falls within the warranty period, our account representative will immediately walk through with you the process of a replacement according to the Apiona Terms & Conditions.

Without the Apiona warranty service, you must deal with a number of situations that can severely limit the maintainability and operability of your business. For instance, without the Apiona warranty service if your products were to fail, you would be forced to contact the vendor directly to place new orders, which is not only expensive, but impedes your day-to-day operations and cuts down on your pre-planed budgets.

Free performance & customization Consulting.
Apiona Golf professional consulting arm is dedicated to help customers developing the right products to fit local needs, i.e. customers' own packaging, dimple size, core compression, logo, etc. In addition, Apiona shares all the development, marketing and experience with customers to deliver the best products. In most cases, for free of charge.

Lock-in pricing availability.
Due to the market fluctuations, Apiona Golf has to adjust our price quotes every quarter. If you think the price you are getting from Apiona is too good to pass by, a contract can be signed with us to ensure the lock-in pricing. By using your lock-in commitment, Apiona Golf will be able to negotiate with material vendors to get the costs down, and further pass the discounts back to the customer.

Apiona® IOS™ Service.
Tired of wasting time dealing with multiple vendors, piles of purchase orders, and tracking each shipment statuses? To help saving you the time and money, Apiona Golf has the ability to package golf tees, golf clubs, range baskets, and additional items with one purchase order, and most often - one shipment.

Free one-color logo.
Logo customizations can always differentiate you or your customers from the rest of the competitions and substantiate high-class image, especially when you can do 1-color for free! Apiona Golf is capable of printing up to 6 colors; if more than one color, one-time logo plate charge will incur – US$50/per plate.

One-time printing fee V.S. Every time.
Most suppliers won’t tell you until the very end that, in addition to plate fees, they charge $0.20/dz *per* color for printing logos.

Apiona Golf charges nothing for printing up to 6 colors except for plate fees. Each color is a plate, and each plate costs US$50.00. Our plates are not the plastic ones that last only thousands of prints most golf ball suppliers use in North America, these are the industrial stainless™ steel ones that withstand millions of golf ball printings, and you pay them only one time.

By going with Apiona Golf, if you have 6 color logo, the logo printing alone will save you $1.20/dz
 5,000dz = US$ 6,000 + free plate ($50) = US$ 6,050
10,000dz = US$12,000 + free plate ($50) = US$12,050


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